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About Omashar

Omashar is an accomplished singer/song writer and workshop facilitator who has had the Blessing of exploring our world whilst sharings his gifts.

Born in England, he learned from an early age classical piano. Moving to New Zealand, he joined the soft rock/pop arena.

Throughout his sojourn in New Zealand he learned of the power and majesty of Mother Earth, the importance of family, both personal and global, and of the spirit that flows throughout all of life.

Accepting an invitation to a gathering of like minded souls in the US changed the focus of his musical creativity to connecting consciously with Spirit, with the essence that animates and breathes through us all.

Omashars' music, which he terms ‘Metaphysical Pop’, celebrates the connection of all life and the journey that we all take home to our True Self. His personal experience has been 'translated' into his music, and also into the transformational seminars that he facilitates/co-facilitates. To date he has been blessed with working with some of the planet’s foremost visionaries, leaders and teachers.

He has appeared on New Age and inspirational television and radio programs in the US and has performed/presented in 33 countries across six continents at major global spiritual/Inspirational/new thought gatherings.

Wherever he travels he is enthusiastically received and praised for his gloriously uplifting music, his beautiful voice, his warm humorous approach and deeply loving presence.

Omashar's latest project can be viewed on INSTAGRAM