Vibrational Food from the Source of All Creation

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Divinely Inspired Musical Masterpiece
filled with deep insight and a splash of fun

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Shine On Gregg Braden, Five-time New York Times best selling author says this about Omashar:

"Through a rich blend of angelic melodies and rhythms of the earth, Omashar reminds us of the power of unity and the blessing of all life."

From Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, President, New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc.:

"Omashar's music stirs the heart and awakens the senses to the joy of the New Heaven and the New Earth. In these unique times, his music is a breath of fresh air."

This Beautiful Garden... A Journey into the Heart The Flower of Life... An Open Doorway between Heaven and Earth
"His songs make our hearts and spirits sing."

- Robin Miner - Source Books TN

"Thank-you for bringing such joy"

- BB DeAngelo

A Message from Omashar

My music is the Song of Life in form.

Inspirational, visionary, simple in construct, a carrier wave for the Voice of All that is. Implicit within is the perfect design, pure potentiality for the awakening human being…

Vibrational food from the source of all creation… I compose only when feeling a sense of balance, harmony, and connectedness. The songs are already written before coming into form. I simply download them from a higher aspect of myself then ‘unravel’ them… The more authentic I become as a human being, the deeper into the unmanifest I am enabled to reach and perceive.

Writing music is a journey into the heart of myself, where all of creation emanates… Where all is ONE. For the most part, the lyrics to my music are conversations to and from ‘source’… They are deeply personal… Perhaps that is one reason so many see themselves in and through my work…

I love touching hearts through my music, encouraging trust and openness. I love reflecting with others our truest nature, our deepest essence, facilitating our return to love, gently helping us all to consciously re-connect, to re-source our hearts content… to live and breathe our own unique ‘Song of Home’, and express that here, upon and within our blessed mother… Earth, Gaia, Terra…


This Beautiful Garden

This Beautiful Garden
Visionary... Inspirational

"Music to open your heart, filled with messages of love and joy! Truly evocative and inspirational. It's message is that we are one and we are going home. This album lets one clearly experience their inner connection to the source of all creation. Highly recommended, has received 'Oughten House Productions' 'One of the best' awards."

"This music will open your heart. A truly uplifting and inspirational album. Filled with messages of love and joy. YES we are one and we are home."

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To listen to extracts of 'This Beautiful Garden', click underlined titles:

The One I Am

This Beautiful Garden

Dark Knight

One Breath

Feel the Love

Until You

Going Home

The New Road

Spiral through the Stars

From "The One I Am"
Each step I take is one step closer to you
A joyous stride into the new
Each breath I breath takes me inside your heart
Now I remember how to feel
And I remember how to fly...

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life

Evocative... Uplifting

"This highly evocative and beautifully crafted album transports you into the reality of the New World. Vibrantly alive music, exquisite melodies, powerful lyrics. A call to greatness from the core of our hearts."

'The Flower of Life' is exciting music. I give it my vote as one of the best new age albums of the year.

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To listen to extracts of 'The Flower of Life', click underlined titles:

Naked and Blind

One Heart One Mind One Soul

We Feel Love

The Flower of Life

Crossing Over

Completely Free

The Time Has Come

Total Surrender

Precious One

From "ONE Heart ONE Mind ONE Soul"
Sometimes it feels so hard to move along
Saying goodbye to yesterday
Take heart my friends
There is a new song
Bringing us back to our Homelands...

Shine On

Shine On

Passionate... Powerful

"Omashar's third album is an amazing journey deeper into yourself. Divinely inspired lyrics remind us to consciously come home and to gently release the illusion of separation from the ONE. Musically uplifting, this masterful creation reaches emotional depths and invites us to 'show up' and be the peace and love that is necessary to transform this world NOW."

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To listen to extracts of 'Shine On', click underlined titles

Come Back and Play

I Give My Life

Kingdom of Gold

Trust to Love


Breathe Me In

The Miracle

Shine On

Earth and Star

From "The Miracle"
A dream that seemed so far away
is living here in me
freeing all the pain that paved the way
The miracle of love has opened up the door
And now I know...

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